LDPE Shrink Bags has replaced boxes as the preferred packaging for a variety of items. We offer LDPE shrink Bags that are extensively used in numerous industries for packaging. Our superior quality and environment friendly product is stringently tested for the parameters of thickness, strength and width. These Bags are used for packaging purposes in the industries like Food & Beverages, Chemical, Ceramics, Pharmaceuticals, textiles and many others.

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We are the foremost LDPE shrink bags manufacturer in Gujarat, India. The shrink bags supplied by us are manufactured using the latest technology and best quality raw materials. Under the expert guidance whole manufacturing process is carried out and only after passing several quality checks they are supplied to the customers. The best quality products are provided at an exclusive price and offers.

Product Details

  • LDPE Shrink Bags Pattern: Plain bags
  • LDPE Shrink Bags Thickness: 50- 100 micron
  • LDPE Shrink Bags Surface Finish: smooth texture and glossy finish.
  • LDPE Shrink Bags Transparency: Transparent in nature.
  • LDPE Shrink Bags End fixing: Open
  • LDPE Shrink Bags Size: Small/ Medium/Large Size LDPE Bags
  • LDPE Shrink Bags Load Capacity: 1kg Minimum to 60-80 kg Maximum depending on size.
  • LDPE Shrink Bags Shape: Rectangular Shape LDPE Shrink Bags

LDPE Shrink Bags Benefits

The shrink bags manufactured by the Kedia Plastics are stated below

  • We are the superior qualities shrink bags manufacturer and suppliers.
  • Available in variant sizes.
  • Highly demanded by the packaging industries.
  • They are providing the best quality of the packaging that is not affected by the natural factors like dust, moisture, water, etc.
  • It also water proof in nature and water proof packaging.

The kedia plastics are the certified LDPE shrink bag manufacturer in Gujarat. We are also the LDPE shrink bags suppliers in Indian states like New Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, etc. Kindly contact us for more details. We are 24*7 available for our customer and we have thousands of satisfied customers that are satisfied with our service and situated across worldwide