The LDPE packaging bags provided by us are very cost effective and are made using the latest technology and the best quality raw materials that have a very wide application.

Product Details

The given below are the product details. That is as follows-

  • Pattern: Plain or Printed
  • Thickness: 9-20 micron
  • Surface finish: Glossy
  • Transparency: Fully or partially transparent
  • End fixing type: Peel and Seal
  • Size and Capacity: Different size and load capacity as per requirement


The important features of these bags are as follows

  • It is environment friendly in nature.
  • Tear proof and do not break very easily.
  • Very lightweight in nature.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • ISO Certified product 9001:2015.
  • They provide moisture proof packaging.

Application of the LDPE Packaging Bags

Packaging Bags are highly demanded in the market and are also having the wide applications they are as follows

  • Used in different types of industry.
  • Also used by the wholesaler and packaging industries.
  • Bags are used for storing the dense products.
  • Very friendly packaging.

The LDPE packaging bags provided by Kedia Plastic are having a very wide range that is easily available in the different sizes, pattern and textures. You can select as per your requirement and the product customization is also provided by us. The product provided by us are can be used for the different application and are easily available at affordable cost. Kindly contact us for more details.